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Lady, step away from the box!

7 Mar No Comments Kristin DeMotta Round Rock Salon

Hehe, I love all of my guests, and I truly understand the importance of convenience. With that said, BOX. IS. NOT. CONVENIENCE. Box colors are so damaging, and stay on your hair forever! My Cedar Park guest did a DIY Ombre Kit, and, well, the picture speaks for itself. Have

Driskill Hotel Wedding, Austin, TX

8 Feb No Comments Kristin DeMotta Wedding Hair

What can say romance more than a STUNNING wedding during the month of February at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX?! I don’t think anything else can! I was so lucky to be a part of this gorgeous Bride’s big day! All of her wedding party are absolutely beautiful both

Mom gets stylish at Salon <3

21 Dec No Comments Kristin DeMotta Round Rock Salon

This Cedar Park Mama wanted a low maintenance color with a fun style. I gave her naturally-kissed, blended, dimensional hair color with a cut that has movement! This style is still easy to pull back out of her face, yet sultry enough to feel like she has a style!